Backorder - what is this?

Backorder means waiting order because of lack of goods in the Stock.  


In other words you can reserve parts which are not currently  available  in the Stock.

If the status bar for the article is empty, it means that the physical stock  is 0 pcs.
However customer can order this item and expect for the coming delivery.
It will be enough if he  clicks on the basket icon and marks the amount of items to order:



Product will be transferred automatically to the backorder  and highlighted in yellow:



At the moment of inputting quantity of this product on the stock- an e-mail about availability of the article and
the possibility of placing an order will be automatically generated *


After log in to the online  store, customer`s basket of orders will flash. When you click on the flashing shopping cart,
your order will be moved to content backorder and basket. Just then click on the "+1" (highlighted in the picture below),  
after the operation the object will move from the backorder to the shopping cart.



Reservations and assignements


1. Reservations are only for clients, which did a purchase in last 30 days. The rest of clients do not participate in reservation system and receive information about product availability, when it’s available in warehouse (like on old system).


2. Product assignment is done by following steps:

- first person who added product to backorder receives all,

- everybody else is receiving 1 piece,

- next person who added product to backorder receives all,

- everybody else is receiving 1 piece,


All is being repeated until all parts are assigned to backorder positions.


3. Assignment have an expire date. For clients, who received only a small part of backorder assignment expiration date is equal to 7 days. Clients which received full backorder assignment have an expiration date equal to 2 days. After that – whole backorder position is being removed and client is having reputation points decreased. Low reputation points amount disables person from further reservations assignments.


4. For backorder positions without reservations – 2 notifications are being sent. After 7 days after sending the last notification – position is being removed.


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