Xiaomi Xiaowa Robot Vacuum Cleaner Lite C10

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Cleaning robot Xiaomi Xiaowa Lite C10

Xiaomi Xiaowa is a cleaning robot, designed primarily for young people. The robot sucks the air with a pressure of up to 1600 Pa, thanks to which it quickly and effectively removes dust from both the floor and carpets. Perfectly deals with cleaning dust found in the corners of rooms, hair and fur. The device contains a capacious 640 ml dust container, which has been sealed using the FIP (Form-in-place) method. It has been integrated with the EPA E11 filter, which provides 95% efficiency of air filtration. Thanks to the use of Wi-Fi technology and the Xiaomi Mi Home mobile application together with the Xiaowa robot, it is possible to monitor and remotely control the operation of the device.

  • Using infrared sensors, the robot will follow the wall, keeping the distance from it. Thanks to the high-speed side brush, the dust deposited near the walls will be removed.
  • The device automatically detects surrounding objects and, if necessary, quickly leaves the area in which the robot could be blocked.
  • When hovering on a carpet, the device quickly detects a change in the ground and starts the maximum suction power immediately. After leaving the carpet, it will switch to basic suction.
  • Has four cliff sensors that chafe the height of the ground and prevent the robot from falling down.
  • When the device encounters an object that could be pulled by a brush, eg a cable, then the brushes start to rotate in the opposite direction.
  • Thanks to the electronic compass sensor, the robot detects virtual walls. When using one or more walls, set a specific cleaning range to ensure a safe, cleaned area.