Xiaomi Mi True Wireless Earbuds Basic wireless headphones - black

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Xiaomi Mi True Wireless Earbuds Basic wireless headphones - black


Xiaomi wireless headphones are equipped with a completely new technology that facilitates the pairing process. When removed from the charging case, the headphones automatically turn on and pair with the smartphone. The Xiaomi Mi True Wireless Earbuds headphones use a new generation of Bluetooth 5.0 technology that offers faster data transfer, lower power consumption, stronger interference resistance, and almost zero sound delay. Xiaomi headphones can serve you 4 hours of battery life on two headphones, 5 hours of battery life on a single headset, and 12 hours of battery life with a charging case. The built-in touch panel is responsive and allows for quick and precise control of the headphones, bypassing the discomfort and unpleasant pressure on the ear with traditional buttons. Advanced 7.2 mm drivers allow for a wide music scene, deeper bass, and special optimizations ensure that each sound band will be balanced and have the same details. Xiaomi Mi True Wireless Earbuds headphones have been introduced supported noise removal technology that will allow you to hear the interlocutor even more clearly and see every detail of the track being listened to.


Technical data:

  • Connectivity: Bluetooth 5.0
  • Range: up to 10m
  • Built-in microphone: Yes
  • Battery life: up to 4 hours
  • Battery capacity: Headphones up to 1.5 hours, Packing up to 2.5 hours
  • Connectors: micro USB


Set contains:

  • Headphones,
  • 3 pairs of silicone earbuds,
  • Loading packaging,
  • Micro USB cable,
  • User manual