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Xiaomi Mi Smart Sensor Set Global

The set of intelligent Mi Smart Sensor Set sensors will give your home a completely new level of automation. You can set which devices are to be active or not, depending on the sensor readings. All functions can be easily modified using the intuitive Mi Home App, and if necessary, you can add more Mi accessories to it.

The set includes a central unit, wireless switch, 2 opening sensors and 2 motion sensors.

  • Mi Smart Gateway 2 - Allows you to easily control all compatible smart home accessories. Connect it directly to the electrical outlet and then to your home router via Wi-Fi. You can also change the color of the built-in RGB backlight and set a convenient alarm clock thanks to the built-in loudspeaker.
  • Mi smart Motion Sensor motion sensor - The small dimensions of this device will allow you to discreetly place it in almost any place. The Mi Smart Motion Sensor detects human and animal activity, especially when you are away from home. When an unwanted guest arrives, an alarm may be triggered. However, when households are at home, motion detection will, for example, turn on lights in a given room or other smart devices.
  • Mi Smart Window & Door Sensor - Attach both sensor elements to the frame and window or door leaf so that the smart home system responds to the activity of household members or unauthorized guests. When the home owners are away, opening windows or doors will trigger an alarm. However, after returning home, the authorized opening of the door can activate the selected intelligent device.
  • Mi Smart Wireless Switch - Touch the switch to start the previously selected activity, eg turn on the light or other smart device. The compact design Mi Smart Wireless Switch allows you to put it anywhere, or stick it permanently. You can use it when you do not have a smartphone at hand.