Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier Pro

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  Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier Pro


Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier Pro is the culmination of the latest air cleaning technology. Precise laser sensor detects even the smallest impurities, and excellent CADR efficiency of 500m3 / h provides access to fresh air within a range of up to 60m2. A modern OLED display with a mobile application guarantees maximum comfort of use.

  • High coverage and excellent cleaning options.
  • It is equipped with an advanced compressed air system that allows it to be exchanged in the room 8 times per hour. This means that the air is passed through the purifier every 7.5 min. Mi Air Purifier Pro has a 360-degree air intake system. It absorbs unhealthy contaminants, such as PM2.5 liquid or particles, and emits clean air. This air purifier works so well that you will want to stay in your own inner forest.
  • Works very quietly, so you can use it at night, without disturbing the dream - the secret lies in the improved filter construction. The axial fan and air channel have been combined, which not only helped to reduce noise, but also ensure a more smooth and stronger airflow.
  • Mi Air Purifier Pro uses a three-stage filtration process, because effective elimination of germs can not be done in a single step. This device is able to absorb any harmful particles, such as hair, pollen, dust and much more dangerous allergens, such as PM2.5 molecules or formaldehyde.
  • The first stage of filtration involves capturing large particles such as human hair and dust. The grille is made of PET thanks to which it is resistant to acids and oils.
  • The filter made by TOREY engages during the second stage of filtration. This allows to neutralize impurities smaller than microns, such as PM2.5, which are a serious problem. It has a small air resistance, virtually no noise, making it ideal for night work.
  • The carbon filter perfectly removes unpleasant odors. You can put in your kitchen and get rid of unpleasant odors.