Xiaomi Amazfit 2 Stratos (A1619) smartwatch - black

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Xiaomi Amazfit Stratos 2 smartwatch - black


Xiaomi Amazfit 2 Stratos smartwords combines many materials and technologies, including: Corning Gorilla 2.5D glass, reflective, colorful screen on which you will see everything, even during bright sun, subtle minute markings, and a hand-polished ceramic frame. Ceramics are very durable and bravely endures all daily challenges, while providing a beautiful, timeless look. Three physical 316L stainless steel buttons and a responsive touch screen make it easy to control all the functions of the watch, while the case uses a 3D carbon fiber texture. Xiaomi Amazfit Stratos 2 smartwatches are safe both in the indoor pool and in the open water. This smart watch has a water resistance up to 50m, so you can safely wear it when swimming in the sea and in the pool. Smartwords can withstand 5 days of work on a single charge. In sport mode, the GPS can withstand 35 hours of battery life equivalent to 100 km of running in the field. Equipped with a Firstbeat heart rate analysis device, you can gain access to your cardiovascular fitness in the VO2max range. Thanks to the VO2max function, you can access important physiological information, coaching tips tailored to you, motivation to train and use the same scientifically personalized training insights that are used by professional athletes. Designed for athletes seeking to improve their performance and better understanding of physiological data, offering three important training tools. In Xiaomi Stratos 2 you can listen to your favorite music while training leaving the phone at home. Just upload your favorite music on smartwords, pair with Bluetooth headphones and enjoy training.


  • PPG heart rate sensor,
  • notification of calls,
  • notification of messages,
  • silent alarm
  • gyroscope,
  • accelerometer,
  • gyroscope,
  • geomagnetic sensor
  • air pressure sensor


12+ different sport modes:

  • run,
  • walk,
  • cycling,
  • swimming,
  • football,
  • cross trainer,
  • climbing,
  • running in the field,
  • triahlon,
  • tennis