Soocas C1 sonic brush for children - green

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Model Szczoteczki soniczne, Szczoteczki elektryczne, Szczoteczki i irygatory
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Soocas C1 sonic brush for children - green

Sonic brush Soocas Kids - C1 is an innovative product that guarantees the highest quality. The intelligent toothbrush allows you to take care of children's teeth health. It is a product targeted at children over the age of four.

The brush is made of very durable materials, however, it is very light, so that the use of it will not be a nuisance to the child. The equipment has a contoured and non-slip construction, which is a guarantee that the brush will not fall out of the hands of our baby while brushing teeth. The head itself is antibacterial and soft and rubber. The whole is waterproof, so there is no risk of spoiling the device after contact with water.

Xiaomi Soocas C1 Kids has 2 tooth cleaning modes: light and stronger, for younger and older children. We switch by holding the button. We introduce the brush settings at the beginning, also including work power. An important function that the device is equipped with is Timely Pressure Induction, i.e. protection against too strong pressing of the head to the gums by the child. In the case of too much pressure, the diode placed on the bunny's belly changes to red indicating too strong pressure, and the brush automatically reduces the work power.

A nice and fun application has been prepared, which is to encourage teeth brushing, shows how to brush. When brushing takes place with excessive force, the red light blinks constantly.

The most important features:

  • High quality, light construction (103g)
  • Anti-slip, contoured design to prevent falling out of hand
  • Soft rubber head and anti-bacterial brush
  • Waterproof construction for direct cleaning after use
  • 2 overlays with a removable animated pattern + a set of stickers
  • Battery capacity: 800mAh


  • Charging mode: wireless charging (included charging base with USB cable)
  • Charging time: about 12 hours
  • Usage time: about 20-25 days
  • Protection against moisture: IPX7