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Blaupunkt SL 05

7.8 mm Super SLIM

The SL 05 is one of the top model of the Blaupunkt product range at the moment. With its fine design, this device not only draw attention to itself, but it is provided with functionality that goes far beyond its price range. The SL 05 is a no-compromise excellently usable 4G smartphone, made of quality materials, at a surprisingly good price. The device is a great alternative for provate and corporate, and for novice and professional users alike.

The design of the SL 05 reminds of the premium category phones. The rounded design, the shiny black front, and the thin, only 7.8mm thick housing gives this device an extremely delicate, aerial appearance.

The SL 05 emerges out of its category thanks to several features, which characterize only the much more expensive models. Some of these are its design with metal housing and the fingerprint reader. The 5.5" 18:9 aspect ratio, 2.5D HD IPS display also enhances the user experience. Also, the dual back camera deserves special mention, with which exceptionally good quality photos can be made.

The SL 05 offers all features that is usual in the case of the smart phones. The device has 2GB of memory (RAM) and 16GB internal memory (ROM), and also, among others, it is procided with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth features, and it can be extended up to 64GB.

Wyświetlacz [cale] 5.5” Kamera przednia 5Mpix
Kamera tylna 13Mpix + 0.3Mpix Wi-Fi Tak
Dual SIM Nie Pamięć [MB] 2GB + 16GB
Bateria [mAh] 3000 mAh Bluetooth Tak
Wymiary 148.8 * 71.5 * 7.8 mm