About Us

About Us


MAGBOSS is one of the largest European companies selling spare parts and accessories for GSM. Our products appear on all the continents (of the world.) The origins of the company date back to 1999, when it was founded as the first mobile phone service. Since then this small company, initially servicing and selling mobile phones and accessories, has become one of Europe's largest wholesaler of original parts and accessories for GSM. Although (the company) Magboss employs only 20 people, it provides the highest quality products throughout the world. To date, we have been trusted by more than 40,000 retail and corporate customers. We desire our brand to be associated only with the highest quality service and products. .




Innovative expansion of company:


The MAGBOSS company is now entering the next stage of a dynamic development, where the key issue is to expand its network of business partners over more and more countries. Through the network expansion (of our network of partners) we wish to strengthen our leading position in the sale of spare parts and accessories for GSM. We are opening (a) new, carefully selected branches across Europe to exploit the potential resulting from the company development. The achievement of our objectives is only possible in cooperation with (the) ambitious and serious Business Partners. Thereupon (the) Magboss (company) is looking for creative and flexible GSM companies from all around the world who are willing to establish long-term business cooperation. 


The MAGBOSS standard is a comprehensive and professional care of the logistics and IT Business Partners and marketing support program. Today, the company's development goes hand in hand with the development of technology. In order to be competitive in the area of Internet sales, customer service, and electronic automation of business processes within the company Magboss has established a long-term cooperation with Technalab. The result of these several years of cooperation is the ProQoS sales system which currently supports a network of partnerships..











Prospects for the future are really promising. We believe that through our well-defined concept we are able to provide customers with the highest quality and reliability, but also to ensure a profitable growth for our business. 

After the success of what we have achieved in Poland, we have decided to offer our solutions across Europe, and then to expand our network throughout the world. Our solutions are already used by partners in 7 countries. Our activities aim to attract new customers and business partners..



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