Charger adapter USB HEDO 2xUSB 3.4A - black (original)

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Model HEDO, Ładowarki sieciowe
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Original adapter charger USB HEDO 2xUSB 3.4A - color black




The charger will charge any device that can be powered from the USB port.


The modern design of the charger and its small size and weight make it optimal in everyday use and on the road.


You can connect any cable with a USB terminal to the charger and connect devices depending on the cable used. It works perfectly for devices equipped with microUSB, USB-C, Lightning and other ports.


The charger due to the multitude of port standards on the market is not pre-attached with a cable from here, therefore it is recommended to use the cable supplied by the manufacturer of the device to be charged.


Basic technical data:

- power supply: 100-240V 50-60Hz 0.5A

- output current: 5.0V=3.4A 2x1.7A


Original HEDO cables can be found on our auctions.